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The Colors of GABOMI.

Since ancient times the people of Japan have believed in nature spirits and regarded them as religious figures. This practice, called Koshinto, has had a substantial influence on my life. In 2006 I discovered that photography is my calling and I started to learn this craft on my own. I asked questions like "Where does my urge to take photographs come from?" and “Is all of reality visible to us?” and explored them through capturing nature and my everyday life. The current phase of this exploratory process is represented two series of work called “TELENS” and “NOLENS.” TELENS is quite unique and makes use of my hand in place of the camera lens to control photographic exposure. I believe it represents a new form of physical photographic expression, intimately involving the photographer, the camera and the subject in the whole process of creation.

At the same time as embracing and exploring abstract work I think it is important to record human life. In the last decade I have undertaken a series of documentary projects. A representative example can be found in the photography book "KOTODEN" (AKAAKA press, 2012), which records aspects of life around a famous regional train factory.

Whether in abstract or documentary series I explore the world through photographs and pursue the new possibility of photographic expression without performing any digital image processing.

日本の自然信仰の影響を受けた私には、自然への畏敬の念があります。また「見えているものが全てか?」「シャッターを押す強い衝動の源は?」という問いかけがあります。これらの要素が微妙に混ざり合うことで、私はいくつかの抽象作品と、ドキュメンタリー作品を生み出しています。(TELENS、NOLENS、KOTODEN…etc) 中でも「TELENS」シリーズは独自性の高い手法で、カメラレンズを外して自らの手で露光を調整し、皮下の色の写り込みも含めたパーソナルな身体表現として撮影しています。私の写真は撮る瞬間に完成するため、あらゆるデジタル加工をしません。そして私はこれからも、抽象と具象の両面から世界を捉え続けます

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