TELENS is a unique concept based on the premise of placing my own hand in front of the camera lens as a means to bend photographic exposure (“te” is the Japanese word for “hand”). The natural light is framed by my body and filtered through the blood of my hand. All my work is created without any digital photo editing in order to create a sense of crystal clear communication between creator and viewer. TELENS takes this process further and discards the use of mechanical lenses. I like to think of it as a new form of physical photographic expression that intimately ties the photographer, the camera and the subject together in an all-inclusive process of creation. It is the closest thing to seeing with my eyes and sharing my body to experience the sight and feeling of a fleeting moment.


"Inland Sea Seto 2015" (TELENS, photography)
location: 佐藤食品工業株式会社 新社屋ビル2F (新潟、2017/4/12〜)

photo by Abe Akihito.

"Inland Sea Seto 2015" (TELENS, photography)
location: SHISEIDO GALLERY (銀座、2016/3/2〜3/25)
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